Our Senior Partner, Atty. Anthony Peralta, was cited by WHO'SWHOLEGAL as a Global Leader in in Data-Information Technology for 2021 with the WWL Ranking of Recommended Lawyer.

Anthony Peralta is a Senior Partner at CALLEJA PERALTA JIMENEZ SAN LUIS UY & ULIBAS. He heads the Corporate Practice group of his law firm. He handles commercial transactions litigation and arbitration on a range of technologies. He has assisted in the structuring of settlement agreements for technology, intellectual property and privacy cases. He has represented companies in negotiating and drafting software, hardware, internet, cloud, cyber security and other information technology transactions. He has negotiated and drafted outsourcing, external service provider agreements, web-based services and online subscriber agreements, including business process outsourcing agreements. He has assisted foreign and local clients in power generation, fast-food/restaurant services, biotechnology, wholesale retailing, manufacturing, information technology and transport vehicle production in the protection and enforcement of their intellectual property rights and compliance with privacy, competition and E-Commerce law.

He handled the acquisition by the leading consumer paper corporation of the local operations of its rival company and the due diligence in relation to the possible acquisition by the same company of another takeover target. He also handled the initial public offerings for the leading power distribution company, the leading broadcasting company and two real estate development companies as well as the international offering of the leading gold mining company. He has appeared in various cases involving intra-corporate disputes, insolvency, corporate rehabilitation, disputed tax assessments, unfair competition, trademark and patent infringement. He was a private prosecutor in the Impeachment Case of former Pres. Joseph Estrada as well as in his Plunder Case before the Sandiganbayan. He recently argued before the Supreme Court in a case involving the foreign ownership issue in Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.

The complete citation is found at: https://whoswholegal.com/anthony-b-peralta