Practice Areas

Calleja Law Office provides a wide array of legal services in more than a few areas of practice accommodating both local and multinational clients.


Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Law

Calleja Law Office provides a resilient and comprehensive practice in corporate and commercial transactions and relations. We actively provide legal assistance covering numerous business dealings ranging from conventional undertakings such as corporate housekeeping to multifarious business engagements vis-à-vis foreign and local corporate organizations. Our firm provides expert legal advice on disputes and discussions with respect to its clients’ business strategies and operations.

Offers legal assistance in corporate and commercial transactions and expert legal advice on disputes and discussions with respect to its clients’ business strategies and operations.

The firm deals with the full spectrum of IP cases, which includes filing, enforcement, litigation, and prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights, domain names, licensing, electronic commerce, cyberspace, and software issues.


Labor Law and Employment

We counsel clients in all the domains of Labor and Employment. Utilizing our extensive experience, we provide services with regard to labor and employment compliance, occupational health and safety, union relations and collective bargaining, overseas employment with its immigration requirements, employment documentation including non-compete/non-disclosure agreements, sexual harassment in the workplace, and social security including workmen’s compensation.


Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and Election Law

The firm handles a broad range of civil, commercial, criminal, tax, and administrative issues, as well as specialized litigation before quasi-judicial and judicial bodies, both for defense and prosecution. We also provide extensive experience in dispute resolutions.

Assistance to clients involves advice and representation at the pre-litigation, trial and appellate stages, including applications for attachments, injunctions and other provisional remedies.

The firm plans and handles successful election strategies for running elective officials during the campaign period and elections. Our services include conducting seminars for watchers and campaign staff, pre-election, counting of ballots, canvassing, representation in pre-proclamation controversies and election protests.


Family Law and Estate Planning

The firm provides legal advice on proper legal remedies for married couples confronted with serious marital problems. Our services include, but not limited to, Petition for Annulment of Marriage, Declaration of Nullity, and Legal Separation. We also provide assistance in matters dealing with Child Custody and Support, Local and Inter-country Adoption, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Wills, Probate and Succession.

We also handle cases concerning the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Law



The firm provides services both in tax planning and tax litigation and provides clients with practical guidance on their equity and debt transactions, royalty arrangements, corporate reorganizations, asset dispositions, mergers and acquisitions, and the possibility of tax incentives. The Firm advises on and develops innovative solutions to efficiently manage the tax burden of our clients. Our lawyers constantly monitor developments in tax laws and regulations to provide our clients with up-to-date and comprehensive legal advice.


Energy, Gas Retailing Industry

We provide to the different legal and regulatory needs of various oil and gas industry players by providing the necessary legal assistance and advice on various regulatory requirements, pricing matters, energy project development, tax-related issues, as well as securing government permits, approvals and endorsements.


Environmental Law, and Telecommunications Law

The Firm engages in providing services regarding environmental management and regulations, securing permits, clearances and licenses; special liaisons with state regulatory agencies and local government units, and exploration of natural resources.

We provide assistance on legal aspects concerning the telecommunications. We advise our clients on different legal and regulatory issues, securing and keeping franchises and permit to operate public and private communications facilities, and issuance of relevant legal opinion.