Practice Areas

Calleja Law Office provides a wide array of legal services catering to the legal requirements of both local and foreign clients.



The firm has represented many prominent persons and entities in the movie, television, broadcast, entertainment, and advertising industries. The firm’s lawyers represent clients before regulatory bodies, such as the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, as well as in the courts, on issues relating to the breach of contract, proper application of relevant entertainment, labor, and criminal laws, including libelous publications. In 1992, one of the firm’s senior partners handled the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the largest broadcasting company in the Philippines.



The firm actively assists clients in ensuring compliance with data privacy protection laws and regulations. In particular, our firm assists clients comply with the Data Privacy Act (DPA), its implementing rules and regulations, and the issuances and advisories of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) – the lead agency tasked as the country’s “watchdog” of personal data privacy compliance. Our Firm assists clients in conducting privacy risk and audit assessment (Privacy Impact Assessment); crafting appropriate privacy policies, notices, and manuals; disseminating knowledge among, and training, relevant personnel involved in personal data processing; preparing data breach management procedures and protocols; reviewing compliance of data sharing agreements, outsourcing arrangements, and other relevant contracts; advising on best practices; facilitating registration with the NPC; and other related services. Our lawyers give talks in various conferences, seminars, and fora on personal data privacy protection, locally and internationally, as well as published articles on the topic in both local and foreign publications.



The firm provides advice to public sector organizations and utilities, companies bidding and doing business with them and institutions financing public sector projects in all the key markets. The firm assists clients in public bidding and procurement projects.



The firm has worked with both telecommunications entities and other service providers. The firm’s lawyers are well-placed to understand, advise and assist clients on all aspects of the telecommunications industry. The firm provides legal advice from procurement and outsourcing for both vendors and buyers, network sharing and other innovative operating and capital expense saving transactions, equipment importation, regulatory approvals, licensing issues, competition law and dispute resolution. The firm also provides advice on cutting edge industry services such as managed services, VoIP and machine-to-machine services. 



The Firm has been instrumental in setting up the major players in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and having them registered within the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) to obtain incentives. has also obtained permits for BPOs outside PEZA.

The Firm has also successfully obtained extensions on their income tax holidays and has assisted BOPs with their after-registration operations and dealings. The Firm also represents the leading BPO companies in labor as well as other disputes arising before administrative bodies and courts. On the immigration aspect, the firm secures from the Bureau of Immigration the necessary work visas for the BPO expatriate employees and their families.


The firm provides expertise and creative solutions to legal and public policy issues confronting the critically important, interdependent, and rapidly transforming fuel and power industries, including renewable energy. The firm has represented multinational oil and gas companies, pipeline and transport companies, biofuel producers, mining and mining equipment firms, electric utilities and independent power producers, nuclear and fossil fuel power plant developers, renewable energy companies (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal), energy efficiency and demand response enterprises, and investors and financiers to all the foregoing.

The firm’s lawyers represent clients before the Energy Regulatory Commission. The Firm provides legal assistance in relation to the corporate, regulatory, legislative, international trade, and litigation dimensions of this industry to fully address the complicated opportunities and challenges facing industry participants.



The firm has represented well-known figures in the entertainment and sports arena. Its lawyers represent clients before regulatory bodies, including the Philippine Sports Commission, as well as in the courts, on issues relating to breach of contract, proper application of relevant entertainment, labor, and criminal laws, including libelous publications. The firm assists clients in negotiating and drafting of contracts and providing legal advice in relation to crisis management.



The firm has been involved in Public-Private Partnership arrangements as well as privatization projects, including one of the biggest water privatizations in the world. The firm also assisted bidders in the privatization of several large companies in the Philippines and has acted as counsel for the buyer in the sale of the country’s sole integrated steel manufacturer. The firm also gives legal counsel to operators of toll highways under build-operate-transfer agreements, as well as agencies of government actively engaged in partnerships with the private sector. The firm also represents clients in disputes involving government contracts.



The firm deals with the full spectrum of IP services including filing, enforcement, litigation, and prosecution of patents, trademarks and copyrights, domain names, licensing, electronic commerce, cyberspace, and software issues. In our present-day knowledge-based economy, the protection, enforcement, and commercialization of IP rights are crucial to national development.


The scope of our IP practice includes:


  • Registration of technology transfer agreements with the Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau (DITTB) of the Philippine Intellectual Property Office (“IPO”);
  • Handling administrative, civil, and criminal cases on trademark, copyright, and patent infringement, and unfair competition; dispute settlement and mediation;
  • Advising on compliance with food and drug-related laws and regulations, including product liability issues; and
  • Border control (recordation and enforcement of IP rights with the Bureau of Customs).



The firm handles both contentious and non-contentious copyright issues. The firm assists copyright owners in the preparation and deposit of their copyrighted works with the National Library.



The firm provides a full range of patent and design advisory and prosecution services, including providing patentability searches and opinions, preparing, and prosecuting local and international patent and design applications, conducting patentability and validity studies, and preparing freedom-to-operate and infringement opinions. The Firm assists clients in the recordation of patent and design assignment and licensing agreements, as well as in the maintenance of patents and renewal of design registrations. The Firm’s lawyers are ably assisted by technical experts in the different fields of sciences and technologies. The Firm works with diverse clients across various industries ranging from individual inventors to start-up businesses to multinational companies.  



The firm advises and represents clients in various licensing and franchising transactions. The firm’s lawyers assist clients in the review, negotiation, and preparation of technology transfer arrangements and in ensuring these arrangements are compliant with the requirements of the Intellectual Property Code. We apply for pre-clearance, legal exemptions, and issuance of Certificates of Compliance from the Documentation, Information and Technology Transfer Bureau of the Intellectual Property Office. We provide guidance and propose strategies to intellectual property rights holders on how to maximize their IP rights, in the form of licensing and other commercialization arrangements.




The firm provides effective and efficient counsel on all facets of trademark law practice, including advising clients on the registrability of marks, slogans, and logos, conducting trademark availability searches, and filing and prosecuting national and international trademark applications. The firm also provides assistance in filing trademark applications in other jurisdictions through our extensive network of foreign associate law firms.



Beyond providing in-depth legal solutions to complex legal and business issues and transactions that protect and add value to each client’s interests and business objectives, we ensure that we provide quality and timely service according to each client’s needs.


“In our practice, we not only provide in-depth legal solutions to complex legal and business issues and transactions, but also protect and add value to each client’s interests and business objectives.”

Beyond providing in-depth legal solutions to complex legal and business issues and transactions that protect and add value to each client’s interests and business objectives, the firm functions to guarantee clients quality and timely service according to their needs.

The firm assists its clients in the establishment of complex business ventures, as well as structuring corporate vehicles for their foreign investments using innovative and creative strategies. The firm renders legal advice and counseling on doing business issues, choice of business entities, and possibility of obtaining incentives from the government, as well as a myriad of other business issues.

All these are hinged on the group’s expertise on the nuances of corporate and commercial law, as well as each lawyer’s skill in negotiating and closing deals.


Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm’s lawyers have immense experience in mergers and acquisitions – often advising clients on the potential legal risks of their transactions.

With a full complement of able attorneys, the group has the ability to conduct due diligence audits within a reasonable timeframe and always with intent of achieving the clients’ objectives while in the process of forging partnerships and joint ventures, corporate divestments, buy-outs, dissolutions, liquidations, and spin-offs.

The group also assists in drafting and negotiating complex agreements to implement the contemplated transactions, consistently incorporating the most tax-efficient structure.


Capital Markets, Securities Regulation & Finance

The firm provides transactional advice on raising capital through debt, equity, or other securities – covering legal issues relating to the issuance of securities such as equities, bonds, commercial papers, pre-need plans and structured products.

With a roster of clients that includes some of the most distinguished multinational corporations and publicly listed companies, the group also assists with the regulatory requirements of public offerings, private placements, and stock exchange listings, and helps clients in complying with mandatory disclosure and other governance requirements.


Banking & Finance

The firm’s lawyers handle various types of lending and security transactions – from the simplest to the most complex – such as syndicated loans, structured finance, project finance, and asset finance. With clients that include corporate borrowers, banks, and financial institutions, both local and foreign, the firm routinely provides regulatory and compliance advice as well.


Debt Restructuring & Corporate Reorganization

With managing credit being a primary concern in any business, the firm has time and again proven itself indispensable by finding ways to minimize the time and cost involved in handling its clients’ debts. The key here is effective debt restructuring and developing plans to restore corporations to a viable financial position.

The group also represents and advises creditors in pursuing effective fiscal strategies and remedies that protect their rights and help recover their share in the debtor’s remaining assets. The firm – particularly in the negotiation and implementation of their rehabilitation plans, debt restructuring agreements, loan and security agreements, and other similar contracts – represents debtors as well.

For its clients, the group’s team of lawyers gives advice on insolvency risks in structuring transactions and securitizations, and assists in the review of loan securities, negotiating forbearance agreements and enforcing guarantees, as well as in the planning, preparation and negotiation of informal and formal proposals, compromises, or other arrangements.


Gaming Law

The firm provides comprehensive legal services on business and regulatory matters related to gaming laws and regulations, and project development. The group represents clients who are gaming-industry owners, gaming equipment manufacturers and distributors, and developers of integrated gaming and entertainment facilities.

The firm’s lawyers offer counsel on a broad spectrum of issues and areas indispensable to the gaming industry. These include compliance with nationality restrictions, incentives, obtaining licenses and registrations required for gaming operations, contract drafting, negotiation and review, taxation, and national and local government relations, including representation before the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation, the Games and Amusements Board and the Philippine Racing Commission.


Property Development & Real Estate Transactions

The firm manages the legal aspects of real estate transactions and construction projects, providing its clients comprehensive legal assistance – such as advice, innovative solutions, and responsive documentation – at all stages of various property development projects.

Key to the group’s servicing clients in property development and real estate transactions is assisting developers of commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use projects – economic zones and information technology parks and buildings included – in meeting the rules and regulations of relevant government agencies and local government units.

The group also assists investors in understanding the Philippine real estate market; addressing key transactional issues – including land reclassification and conversion; aiding clients in the preparation and negotiation of joint development agreements, construction contracts and related agreements; advising parties in workouts, financing and restructuring arrangements that involve real property; as well as the structuring of transactions to ensure tax efficiency.


Tourism & Leisure

Decades of expertise of its lawyers in handling the needs of clients in the tourism and leisure industries have put the firm in an excellent position to help in the development and promotion of a robust tourism industry that is sustainable, responsible, participative, culturally sensitive, economically viable, and ethically and socially equitable for local communities, consistent with the Tourism Act of 2009.

The group also advises and assists in the forging of public and private sector cooperation and partnerships to achieve and maintain international standards of excellence in tourism enterprises and to promote the country as a safe and wholesome tourist destination.



The firm renders comprehensive advice and assistance to both corporations and individuals on Philippine immigration and citizenship laws.

Our lawyers’ in-depth expertise in immigration laws, rules and regulations and extensive experience in appearing before various Philippine governmental agencies involved in the implementation and enforcement of immigration laws allow us to expeditiously secure for our clients the proper Philippine visas and employment permits, such as, but not limited to, Pre-Arranged Employee’s 9(g) Visas, Temporary Visitor’s 9(a) Visas, Special Non-Immigrant 47(a)(2) Visas, Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Cards (ACR I-Cards), Special Work Permits, Provisional Work Permits, and Alien Employment Permits. Where necessary, we also liaise with Philippine embassies and consulates in foreign jurisdictions to assist clients in obtaining the proper visas that will enable them to travel to and work in the Philippines.

The firm also provides timely assistance to foreign individuals in obtaining quota and other types of immigrant visas, retiree’s visas, Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) medical clearances and Emigration Clearance Certificates and also advises and represents clients in downgrading of visa applications, the acquisition, recognition and reacquisition of Philippine citizenship, naturalization proceedings as well as deportation and exclusion proceedings, including the issuance or lifting of hold departure orders and inclusion or deletion from the immigration blacklist.




The firm’s lawyers are expertly trained practitioners with proficiency in providing legal, practical, and effective solutions to complex labor-related issues and concerns.


Labor and Employment

“Our lawyers are highly-trained practitioners with wide-ranging experiences in providing legal, practical, efficient and viable solutions to complex labor-related issues and concerns.”

Our Labor Law practice covers issues concerning labor standards compliance, labor relations and social legislation.

The lawyers are highly trained practitioners with wide-ranging experiences in providing legal, practical, efficient, and viable solutions to complex labor-related issues and concerns. They offer unparalleled professionalism in giving prompt and quality assistance to our clients’ needs.


Labor Standards and Compliance

Our firm guides its clients in complying with statutory and reportorial requirements relating to the minimum terms and conditions that employers provide such as on wages, hours of work, and safety and health of workers. Our firm likewise provides assistance in drafting and implementing employment contracts and in the efficient handling of disciplinary proceedings including sexual harassment cases in the industrial setting.

Recognizing the challenges and demands of the complexities of current international business developments, our lawyers are proficient in best practices that are designed to result in a healthy balance in achieving management’s economic objectives like structuring work force reduction or work hours adjustment, or independent contractor arrangement while viably compliant with labor standards.

While leaving wide latitude of management prerogative to the clients, our labor lawyers conduct close monitoring services and workshops to aid our clients’ human resources personnel in their day-to-day operations. Our firm helps its clients understand and solve problems in relation to social legislations such as the Social Security Law, National Health Insurance Act, and the Home Development Mutual Fund Law.


Labor Relations

Our firm likewise handles matters on labor relations which define the status, rights and duties as well as institutional mechanisms that govern individual and collective interactions between management and labor and the latter’s representatives such as federations and unions.

Our lawyers assist clients in collective bargaining or negotiation and adopt a pro-active and hands-on approach in helping them understand the legal intricacies and practical considerations of labor-management relations. Our firm assists clients in forging industrial harmony by setting mechanisms like Labor-Management Councils and in structuring grievance machinery procedures tailored to address specific circumstances. If needed, our lawyers provide frontline representation in peaceful concerted activities such as strikes and lockouts.